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RWT’s facilities and service.

  • Get the product you need when you need it. South African factories in Johannesburg and Soweto. Manufacturing high quality garments to the specific requirements of our customers.
  • An Imports department, specialising in sourcing the latest technology if not locally available.
  • A knowledgeable Sales Team in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg with Internal Sales support staff.
  • Product testing and Quality control facilities. Extensively researched and tested for high performance, durability and quality.
  • Our In-house Printing department, custom design & print artwork to your specifications.
  • The Bias Binding division custom makes our clients binding.
  • RWT’s extensive Product Range and Custom-made garments. Whatever you need, we will customise a solution for you. Just give us your specs, logo & ideas & we will make it happen.
  • Our services include delivery by our dedicated team of drivers.

Our manufacturing partners.

From inception in 1990, RWT has been governed by a principle of sustainable upliftment for the historically disadvantaged.


We have supported SHAP, over the past 23 years by providing full time employment and training.

Self Help Association of Paraplegics (Soweto)

7th Wave Investments

7th Wave was established to save a failed cut, make and trim (CMT) factory. It now offers sustainable employment to previously disadvantaged workers who would have otherwise been retrenched.

7th Wave Investments
Safety clothing manufactured
Clothing manufacture
Clothing manufacture
Clothing manufacture
Clothing manufacture
Safety gear